7 Types of Exercise at the Office


7 Types of Exercise at the Office You Can Do – Office workers have a thousand and one excuses to quit the game. From having no time, being chased by deadlines, to being too busy and always in front of the laptop. In fact, to keep our bodies in shape and our concentration sharp, we need to be persistent in moving and exercising regularly.

So, for those of you who are really busy, you can actually do light exercise in the office. The game types are very simple. Curious? Here are some light exercise moves at the office you can try:


7 Types of Exercise at the Office

1. Physical burden

Bodyweight is a light exercise in the office that you can try. This one movement is very simple because you can do it anywhere without the need for some tools. For example, you can try desk push-ups. The method is very simple, like doing push-ups, but using a desk pedestal.

Place your hands on the edge of the table, shoulder width apart and feet behind you. Then, push hard and do as much as you can. Apart from desk push ups, there are body weight exercises like push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks to keep your body active.

2. Squats

Squats can also be chosen as a light exercise in the office. You can do this in an office chair with repeated sit-to-stand movements. Make sure your work chair doesn’t move first so that your exercise isn’t disturbed.

Besides squats, you can combine it with squat-lunges. The movements are clear, squats and lunges. A lunge is a movement to bend the knee forward while the other leg is positioned behind. How to do this movement is sit-stand-lunge. This simple movement is enough to train the leg muscles.

3. Chair tips

This light exercise in the office focuses on the muscles of the shoulders, triceps and thighs. Place your feet in front of you, then place your hands on the edge of a chair or table (body facing the opposite direction). Then, lift the body down and up. For maximum results, repeat this movement 10 times.

4. Walk

Apart from the above three movements, walking is a mild form of exercise in the office, which has fewer benefits. Remember, don’t sit in front of a desk for hours. When the body feels stiff or tired, try to rest for a while. You can try taking a leisurely walk in the office yard or somewhere else to clear your mind.

So that the results are maximized, you can actually increase the speed while walking. For example, at a speed of 100 steps per minute. Also, brisk walking provides many benefits to the body. In fact, according to a collaboration of researchers from the Universities of Sydney, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Limerick and Ulster, brisk walkers have a 53 percent lower risk of death.

5. Lift weights

No need to use heavy weights. Alternatively you can opt for small dumbbells. In addition, these dumbbells are very practical to use and store. In addition to keeping the body active, lifting weights is a great way to maintain muscle health and increase bone density.

6. Reaching out

You can also choose to stretch your arms as a light exercise in the office. It’s simple. Place your hands in your lap with one palm on top of the open palm. Then, the arms should form a straight line from elbow to elbow. Then, change your hands slightly, bend your fingers and lock them. Pull as hard as you can, but don’t try to loosen your fingers. This isometric exercise strengthens the shoulders, chest, biceps and muscles without leaving your desk.

7. Back Stretch

You can try the stretch again while you’re at the office. It’s easy to do light exercise in the office. Before your back hurts, stand up and touch your toes. Repeat this movement two or three times. This movement is a good way to relax the back muscles.

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Well, it’s that simple, isn’t it a light exercise movement in the office? There is no excuse not to exercise now. That is 7 Types of Exercise at the Office You Can Do.

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